Wednesday, November 09, 2005

overseas calls

Hello All!

Someone mentioned in an email, the website for the most economical overseas phone cards to purchase. I cannot recall what it was and can't find the email. Could anyone help me? I have used calldepot to call my other son in Africa, but seems the one mentioned by one of you was less expensive. Thanks so much.'

Ellen Smith (Joshua's Mom)


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Rudi said...

Hi Ellen,

The phone card we bought was from "" and it costs .38 per minute. We paid $25 in advance and anytime the card goes below $3 our credit card is automatically recharged another $25. We never run out of time and will only be out a maximum of $28 if the company goes bankrupt and folds. If you don't choose the automatic recharge option, then you have to go online every time you want to add more money to your account and you can run out in the middle of a call. So far, it's worked very well and we've been quite happy with it. Our calls have been quite long since Mari has never been so far away and we're so anxious to hear about everything, but they've ended up only costing around $20 each which seems pretty reasonable. If you find out about a less expensive card, please let us know. Rudi (Mari's Mom)


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