Monday, November 28, 2005

First package mailed......

Hello Group 75 fellow parents,

I am Janice Bradford, the proud mother of PCT, Marques Stewart. I mailed Marques his first package from me via USPS International Air. The weight of the package came in at 19lbs and the USPS charged $85.00 for their services. They said it should be there in two weeks. My hope is that Marques receives it before Christmas and after he has return from his 3 week stay at the village. I was told by the USPS that once the box left the United States, I could not received a confirmation or track it online. Since MJ as been on this great adventure I have not had the pleasure of hearing his voice on the telephone. I am grateful that modern technology allows Marques and I to communicate and not spend an arm & leg to do so. I would rather spend the money on sending him packages. As a child, he always loved to get mail.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Ellen J. Smith said...


I am Joshua's mom and he roomed wsith Marques in the first stages of this experience! He enjoys your son. Joshua will be living on Savai'i after he is sworn in. I have talked to him on the phone several times. I have another son I Chad, Africa and have used calldepotRudi (Mari's mom) suggested.

Best to you,


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