Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ed and Mary Steyh

Hello Group 75 Bloggers

We are Ed and Mary Steyh, Julya's parents. This is a great idea!! We also have been reading all the blogs to try to get some idea of what the trainees, and Julya, are going through.

Julya is the oldest of two children. She has a brother two years younger. She grew up, and we still live, on Vashon Island. It's in Puget Sound, a short 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle. Vashon is somewhat rural and Julya has previously said that it's like living in a fishbowl because everyone knows you and knows what's going on. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in history.

Julya has always been interested in volunteering and working with younger people. She has been involved in Young Life as an adult leader and several years ago volunteered a summer to work at Wild Horse, a Young Life camp in eastern Oregon.

We have talked to her several times in Apia. We have yet to see the phone bill so have no idea of the damage. Thanks for the info on the phone card. It sounds great and will save us some money.

I spent some time online researching flights to and from Apia as Julya is going to a wedding in Cabo, Mexico in May. The cheapest flight by far is the weekly Air New Zealand/United Airlines flight from LA to Apia and back (it's the same flight the group 75 trainees took). It leaves LA every Tuesday around 7:30 pm and leaves Apia every Monday evening at 10:45 pm. The roundtrip fare is around $1100. There are other flights from Apia to the states via Hawaii or New Zealand, but these fares are over $2000.

Again, this blog is a great idea. We look forward to keeping in touch and sharing.

Ed and Mary Steyh


At 5:23 AM, Blogger Ellen J. Smith said...

HI Ed and Mary

I am Joshua's Mom, Ellen. I talked to him yesterday and he was embarking for 3 days with a PCV in a village a distance from Apia. I have talked to him 2 or 3 times and have also not seen the bill yet. Can you give me the site or name someone mentioned for cheaper international calls? I have lost it. I do call another son in who is on Chad, Africa with
Joshua will ultimately be on Savai'i with Julya. He was telling me about her yesterday. They seem to get along well and he enjoys her. He is doing well. The heat and the bug bites are his biggest complaint. He says the heat is something he has never experienced. I imagine it is somewhat like the heat in Africa. I was there and it IS different. Just wanted to extend a hello and hope to keep in touch. I will be going to Samoa at some point and will let you know what I come up with for flight/cost. I just booked tickets for Chad and they were roughly 2100 each.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Ellen J. Smith said...

Ed and Mary

I just got my AT&T bill today and it is EXPENSIVE to Samoa. Definitely not smart of me to use my home phone long distance service. total of 322 for 3 calls, not counting yesterday's. Any suggestions for economic long distance to overseas calls?


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Ed and Mary Steyh said...


Per Rudi's suggestion in the first post on the blog I signed up for the calling card at The rate to Samoa with this card is $.39/minute.

Here in the Pacific Northwest Julya was always cold so she is loving the heat in Samoa. She hasn't mentioned the bugs yet. We will be talking with her again tomorrow evening so I will have to ask her about the bugs.

Hope they are all doing ok.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Ed and Mary Steyh said...

Hi Ellen,
This is Julya's mom. Julya is very excited about being placed in
Savai'i. She thinks the island is beautiful. It is great that she has developed friendships with all the volunteers. Hopefully these friendships will last a lifetime.
I also are planning on going to visit Samoa probably in 2007. I would like to go sooner, but don't know if we can work that out. When are you planning on going to visit? I wish we could go several times, but doubt that will be a reality. Great hearing from you


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