Monday, November 07, 2005

Carla Lansford

Hi Everyone!
This is a great idea. I am Andrew's mom. It is so nice to know a little bit about the other families that Andy is serving with. I have enjoyed so much the websites for all of our children. I think I get more information about Andy from everyone elses, than I get from Andy's website.
Andy is the oldest of three children in our family. He has two sisters, Janeen and Lynette. Janeen is married to a wonderful young man named Jason, and teaches in Arcadia. Lynette just finished her degree and is currently seeking career options. Jack and I work in our family business building cabinet doors. Jack is also very involved with our church worship team. I occasionally make costumes for plays.
Andy was born and raised in Arcadia, CA, where we currently reside. He is a great person. Everyone that meets him says he is the nicest guy. I have to concur. I kind of like the guy myself. He has always been a joy to be around. He has a sweet spirit. He is too smart for his own britches, but he is still a good guy anyway.
The only news I have is about sending media. The post office will send boxes of media for a minimal charge. It's called mbag. You bring the box to the post office, addressed like normal and ask the clerk to send it by mbag or mediamail. They might ask you to open the box, because you are only allowed to send media. They will take the box and put it into a big bag. It should cost $1 per pound with an 11 pound minimum. Hope this helpful to some of you.
See ya, Carla


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Rudi said...

I've also used M-bag for other items. There is a different charge than for printed matter, but it's still less expensive than the standard parcel rate and goes in a large "M" bag. The postal agent told me that there's not really a time difference between the two since they both go by boat. I'll let you know if this is true once things start arriving. Mari did an experiment in September and sent herself two boxes at the same time - one by M-bag (books) and the other by parcel post (toiletries). So far, nothing has arrived - not even the cookies I paid $40 for to send by air! Hopefully, they'll be there waiting when they get in town this weekend.


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